Varex Infra Waterproofing Solutions
Polyurea Waterproofing

Polyurea is the most modern and most advanced spray applied waterproofing solutions, the specialty chemicals in two component are sprayed by a high pressure machine by skilled applicator, the chemical forms a seamless membrane over the primed surface.

At Varex, we recommend the best technology for each project rather than being driven by one particular response. We liaise and evaluate with our customers the most appropriate solution for what they are trying to achieve.

We just want to deliver what is best to the customer providing peer-to-peer based solutions for engineering problems to ultimately find a number of ways to create value.

Projects of Polyurea along with protection board
  1. Central Vista, Client- CPWD, Value- 130 Lakhs
  2. Atal Akshay Urja Bhavan, Client- CPWD, Value- 35 Lakhs
  3. Mata Amrita Devi Hospital, Client- Mata Amrita Devi Trust, Value- 120 Lakhs
  4. South Asia University, Client- CPWD, Value- 100 Lakhs

Construction Joints

The Construction joints are most critical, Varex infra expertise in sealing the construction joints using mechanical means and also by using swellable type water stops tape. In all the projects the Construction joints are repaired, sealed and tested before application of waterproofing .

Projects of construction joints using swellable type water stops tape
  1. Adani Data Centre, Noida, Item Value- 12 Lakhs
  2. Vice President Enclave, Item Value- 6.5 Lakhs