Varex Infra Waterproofing Solutions
SBS Membrane

Self Adhesive, cold applied, flexible waterproofing membrane along with protection board . SBS Membrane application includes, installing 1.5mm thick self adhesive, cold applied, flexible waterproofing membrane comprising of a self adhesive rubberized asphalt with minimum 0.5mm HDPE film

At Varex, we recommend the best technology for each project rather than being driven by one particular response. We liaise and evaluate with our customers the most appropriate solution for what they are trying to achieve. We just want to deliver what is best to the customer providing peer-to-peer based solutions for engineering problems to ultimately find a number of ways to create value.


Varex Recent Projects of SBS Membrane along with protection board
  1. Redevelopment of Safdarjung Railway Station, Client- IRCON Value- 100 Lakhs
  2. Hastsal Hosital, Client- PWD Delhi, Value- 20 Lakhs