Varex Infra
Waterproofing Solutions

Varex Infra has vast experience in providing most suitable solutions to many iconic building structures across India building on a broad portfolio of products supplied by multiple product manufacturers. These include waterproof membranes, waterstops, joint sealants, concrete repair mortars, resin flooring, protective coatings, structural strengthening, grouts and concrete admixtures applied to the highest quality standards backed by independent test certificates.

At Varex, we recommend the best technology for each project rather than being driven by one particular response. We liaise and evaluate with our customers the most appropriate solution for what they are trying to achieve. We just want to deliver what is best to the customer providing peer-to-peer based solutions for engineering problems to ultimately find a number of ways to create value.

We have a full range of world-class waterproofing solutions providing the most up-to-date technologies from basement to roof to ensure long-lasting integrity and durability of your building structure.

Waterproofing Solutions for Below Ground Structures

Waterproofing is required each time a structure is built below ground and especially where the water table is permanently above the underside of the basement floor level. A high water table causes hydrostatic pressures to be exerted underneath basement floors and against basement walls. This hydrostatic pressure forces water into the building through cracks, joints and any porous substrates causing possible major structural damage and is likely to contribute to mould, corrosion and other moisture related problems.

Varex innovative below ground waterproofing systems comply with recognised guidelines, providing clients with the most cost-effective solutions possible which have been proven successful over a long number of years for all types of below ground construction.

Waterproofing Systems for Toilets, Kitchen, Wet Areas, Fire Refuge Floor

These areas required perseverance, high quality surface preparations and complete attention of the applicators. Varex Infra has delivered more than a million square meters of such areas successfully.

Products - Polymer modified Cementitious elastomeric coating or PU Coating

  1. Vice President Enclave, Client- CPWD, Value- 18 Lakhs
  2. Mata Amrita Devi Hospital, Client- Trust, Value- 13 Lakhs
Roof or Over deck Waterproofing

1. Membrane Waterproofing- APP Membrane, EPDM Membrane, PVC Membrane etc

Membranes based waterproofing is the traditional waterproofing systems, the surface is prepared and after through checks the membrane is applied after installation of protection such as geotextile the surface is given for screed and further usage

   Varex Recent Projects for Roof/Over deck waterproofing using Membrane

  1. AIIMS Bhopal, Product- EPDM, Client- CPWD, Value- 100 Lakhs
  2. AIIMS Jammu, Product- APP Membrane, Client- CPWD, Value- 130 Lakhs
  3. HCL Technologies, Product- APP Membrane, Client- HCL, Value 12 Lakhs
  4. IIT Panta, Client- CPWD, Product- APP Membrane, Value- 75 Lakhs

2. Spray/ Brush Applied Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating

The in-situ coatings are the most advanced waterproofing systems where the membrane at 1.2-1.5 mm is formed over the primed and prepared surface.

If the surface is well prepared by a skilful workforce and the coating is applied skilfully the system gives longlasting and robust waterproofing Varex Infra is known for its spray applied coating across the waterproofing domain

   Varex Recent Projects for Roof/Over deck waterproofing using Spray Brush Applied PU Coating (Single and Double Component)

  1. Nausena Bhavan New Delhi, Client- DRDO, Value- 150 Lakhs
  2. Redevelopment of Safdarjung Railway Station, Client- IRCON, Value- 100 Lakhs
  3. Vice President Enclave, Client- CPWD, Value 100 Lakhs

3. Spray Applied two component Polyurea Waterproofing Coating

Polyurea is considered the mother of all waterproofing, this treatment is done presently been done at most of the iconic buildings across India, the two component system is applied on primed and well prepared surface to provide most flexible yet strong waterproofing membrane

   Varex Recent Projects for Polyurea Waterproofing

  1. Central Vista tunnels. Value- 130 Lakhs, Client- CPWD
  2. Atal Akshay Urja Bahavan, Value- 40 Lakhs, Client CPWD
  3. South Asian University Delhi, Value- 120 Lakhs, Client- CPWD
  4. Mata Amrita Devi Hospital, Value- 200 Lakhs, Client- Trust
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Lucknow, Value- 110 Lakhs, Client UPPWD
Thermal Insulation of Roof/Overdeck Surfaces

The Energy Conservation Building Code enforces every building to comply with insulation norm to achieve the desired thermal efficiency of Building. Varex Infra have delivered projects using various kind of insulation materials as follows

1. Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Two component spray applied polyurethane systems is the most efficient insulation system available across the globe, the foam swells to 10-15 mm in every pass.

Varex Infra pioneered itself in Spray PUF Insulation

Varex Recent Projects for PUF Insulation

  1. Vice President Enclave, Client- CPWD, Value- 200 Lakhs
  2. Nausena Bhavan, Client- DRDO, Value- 300 Lakhs
  3. IIT Patna, Client- CPWD, Value- 100 Lakhs
  4. Muthoot Corporates, Value- 80 Lakhs
  5. Mata Amrita Devi Hospital, Value- 300 Lakhs

2. Preformed Insulation Products (XPS and EPS)

The preformed insulation is also used over the waterproofing surface, the insulation product is laid carefully leaving no gaps

Varex Recent Projects preformed insulation

  1. HCL Technologies, XPS, Value- 12 Lakhs
  2. AIIMS Jammu, Client- CPWD, Value- 200 Lakhs